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What is an Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine

In general, commercial Inland Marine insurance covers any property that is movable, transportable, or involved in transferring information. For example, these are some things that Inland Marine insurance might cover:

  • Contractor’s equipment

  • Valuable artwork, like paintings, photographs, and sculptures

  • Transportation equipment such as food trucks or cargo vans

  • Mobile tools and equipment for construction, landscaping, etc.

  • Property in transit like construction tools and supplies

  • Computer equipment, including servers and laptops

  • Communication equipment and networking tools

  • Scientific and medical equipment

What are Inland Marine Risks?

If you’re thinking about getting Inland Marine insurance, it’s important to consider the nature of your business operations. While it was developed to protect against losses while shipping goods, Inland Marine insurance may protect your business against a myriad of other property damage risks. Some of these include:

  • Bailee’s customer coverage - this is designed to protect your business from liability if a client's’ property is damaged in your care, like if you operate a repair shop.

  • Builders’ Risk - during construction projects, builders’ risk can protect the structures and materials used.

  • Exhibition and Fine Art Coverage - if a valuable piece of artwork is on display, in transit, or on loan, exhibition and fine art coverage is designed to protect it.

  • Installation Floater - this can cover goods from damage once they’re loaded on a truck until they are put to use.

  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage - when your business is transporting goods or delivering them to a client, this coverage can protect goods from damage.



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