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What is a Personal Umbrella Insurance?


Umbrella insurance is a type of personal liability insurance that can be indispensable when you find yourself liable for a claim larger than your homeowner's insurance or auto insurance will cover. If you own a boat, umbrella insurance will also pick up where your watercraft's liability insurance leaves off.

Umbrella insurance even covers certain liability claims those policies may not, such as libel, slander, and false imprisonment. And if you own rental property, umbrella insurance provides liability coverage beyond what your renter's policy covers.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance covers not just the policyholder, but also other members of their family or household. So if your teenager isn’t the best driver, you can sleep better at night knowing your umbrella policy will cover the injured parties’ medical bills if your kid is found liable for a major accident. That being said, make sure you understand how your policy defines a household member so you’ll actually have the coverage you need.

You might have also noticed that, even though umbrella insurance acts as coverage above and beyond your homeowners and auto insurance, the incident doesn’t have to involve your property or your vehicle for your umbrella insurance to cover it. You’re also covered worldwide, with the exception of homes and cars you own under other countries’ laws.


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