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What is a Business Auto Insurance?

Business Auto

While commercial car insurance is similar to personal car insurance in many ways, it’s designed specifically for vehicles that are used by or for a business. This can include vehicles that you buy for a business you own and personal vehicles you use for business.

Commercial car insurance can offer both liability coverage and collision coverage for business vehicles and their drivers. The former helps pay for repairs and/or medical costs for the other driver if you’re involved in an accident. The latter pays for repairs or medical costs that you incur for yourself or your vehicle if you’re involved in an

One plus of having commercial car insurance for your business is that your premiums are  typically tax deductible. You can write them off as a business expense, potentially reducing what you owe in taxes for the year. Personal car insurance premiums generally aren’t tax deductible unless you’re using the vehicle for business purposes. Even then, you may not be able to write off the full premium amount paid.


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